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Do you dig games? Did you ever get the feeling that there is something missing or wrong in a game you are playing? or wonder why no one had done a game about a certain subject. Well, we got that feeling a lot, and we decided to do something about it :) In June 2013 we decided to take action, and started PinchPoint, a gaming studio focused on producing innovative, different, and fun-to-play games for the mobile. About
EggHead Runaway
Play the most addictive endless runner game on mobile, help EggHead through it's adventure to collect the colorful candy and crush walls.
It's the reason you are alive. There is no going back, no surrender, and only one winner.
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Tranquilo is a non-competitive, non-fast-paced game! It's a two-player dynamic puzzle based on cooperation to achieve mutual goals.
City Cafe
Play local card games form the Middle East, have a hooka while you are there ;)
Coming Soon..
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The team
S Develper
  • Can see through the code
  • Always wants to know more
  • Startup veteran
  • Very Friendly
  • BSc Computer Eng. - YU
  • Basel
    Creative Director
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Sky is not the limit
  • CoFounded ZAN Studio
  • BSc Architecture - BZU
  • MFA in animation - UCLA
  • Khalid
  • Loud
  • March � March
  • Programing as 2nd language
  • Founded CoDoo
  • BSc E.Eng. � BZU
  • Mini-MBA - TAU
  • Tareq
    Head of Development
  • Hardcore Mobile Game Developer
  • Spits Code like a typewriter
  • Hardcore gamer
  • Founded BAT
  • BSc E.Eng. � BZU